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Recover Exchange Backup

Exchange Backup Recovery with its multitude of options allows you recover healthy backups in complete as with deep scan which recover Exchange backup withal automated recursion down to lone files no matter to what depth folder hierarchy lies. Quick scan does breadth first flat form recovery directly fetching scatter files out of folders. Partial scan let you choose percentage of data you would like to recover. All in its entire Windows compliant UI never let you waffle in its comprehensive set of features.


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Recover Exchange Backup:restore Exchange

Smart Exchange administrators do backup data on incremental basis. Though, proactive but what about backup itself? Crashes can too happen on backups withal Exchange originals making you all bankrupt. You later might find yourself confounded as outsourcing to recover Exchange Backup is project in its own and your enterprise economy of scale won't allow that. What if you alone get empowered enough to recover Exchange backup of your own and that too being cost-effective? Opt your way out with Exchange BKF recovery, a recover Exchange backup utility. Here it is:

  • Smart browse access to Exchange .BKF file containing EDB, STM & LOG files
  • Explore BKF source path granule down to Exchange root
  • Choose among options to Deep scan, Quick scan or Partial scan .BKF file
  • Recover Exchange Backup from any possible wrapping or depth
  • Extract the same to healthy backup (.BKF) file
  • Let you choose the necessary files among others need to be in healthy state
  • Mirror-image recovery from corrupted BKF assured.
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